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Welcome to Backwater Jacks RV Park and Camp

Caddo Lake is the prettiest lake I ever saw.  Some folks would say that the only thing prettier is a newborn baby’s smile.  Now, I won’t say these individuals are wrong; but I do want meet that baby!   A few of you will argue that I haven’t seen your baby.  My thinking is maybe you haven’t seen Caddo Lake! And that is a shame; it really is. There are few things that can still you and move you at the same time.  This place does just that.  It’s like grandma’s cradling and comfortable hug while you enjoy her fresh best-baked cookie on a Christmas morning…  Yes, it is just that good.

Caddo Lake floats on the Texas-Louisiana border, just south of Arkansas, in the area we call the “ARK-LA-TEX”.  (If you are coordinated, you can stand in all three states at once.  Again, I stress coordination.)  Anchored by moss-draped cypress trees, Caddo Lake is a wetland maze of twisting narrow bayous and expansive and shallow waterways.  The habitat, jumbled, staggered, and sprawling, forms the largest natural lake in the South, and is home to one of the most diverse ecosystems you will ever experience.  (Ecosystem means lots of plants, fish, and wildlife.  I had to look it up; I thought I would save you the trouble.)  In fact, in 1993, it was designated as a “wetland of international importance” under the Ramsar Convention.   Me, I thought it was special long before Ramsar spoke up.  And I think you will too if you take the time to come.

The swampy confines of Caddo Lake are bordered by East Texas.  We are minutes away from the historically famous cities of Jefferson, TX and Marshall, TX.  Both towns are reflective of the rich history and charm of East Texas.  Your visit will not be complete unless you take the time to visit both.  We also have a town called Uncertain, TX.  Seriously.

Another 30 minutes, will put you in Shreveport, LA.  The casinos are great; but there is so much more to Shreveport than just gambling; as it is big and has lots of cement, with plenty of events, activities, and entertainment.  If you know how to properly pronounce long-multi-syllable words, then check out the R.W. Norton Art Gallery.  Them guys and gals sure knew how to keep their colors inside the lines even way back then.  You will be impressed with the museum’s collection and their gardens.  (Dig around the website for a more in-depth list of things you can do in all these towns.)

While you are visiting Caddo Lake, consider staying at BackWater Jacks.  It is a favorite spot for the Rving family because it is ON the water.   BackWater Jacks RV Park is nestled along the scenic Big Cypress Bayou shore, just a short distance from Caddo Lake.  The RV Park inhabits over 20 acres of some of the prettiest bayou country found in East Texas.   If you are looking for a laid-back and slower pace, then we are definitely worth your consideration.  Out motto is:  A Good Time will be had “BAYOU!”

So come on down, up, over, or whatever you need to do, to get here; just please hurry and get here.  And if you been here… Come on back, we miss you!

An old timer once told me, “The bayou massages your soul.”  It surely does.

Caddo Lake