Backwater Jacks Cabin Rentals, RV Park and Campsite is the ideal spot for an “on the road” vacation stop. Instead of staring at the gravel parking lot and pining for civilization, visitors are greeted with the scenic vision of Caddo Lake. The banks are filled with fishermen waiting patiently for their day’s catch, and the current carries a steady traffic of friendly boaters. With so many opportunities to relax and enjoy nature at our Caddo Lake campground—the only unpleasant moment you’ll have to endure is saying goodbye.


Life for me did not really begin until I was around six years old when my family and I moved to the swampy confines of East Texas. My parents, having grown weary of the cement and city life of Dallas, Texas, decided a fishing camp nestled among the cypress trees of Caddo Lake was a better choice for us.

I remember my first day well; it seems like only yesterday. I can still clearly see the very moment I wish to share with you. I was sitting under the biggest pine tree I had ever seen anchored near the river’s edge, still within sight of my parents’ watchful eye, as they stood in front of the newly purchased camp store surveying their new domain. The view from my shaded canopy was utterly breathtaking. The newly discovered sights, sounds, and smells were overwhelming. In later years, in the course of my formative studies, I would learn the meaning of the word, “sublime” and have always considered this very moment as its purest definition.

The contemplation of my new surroundings was interrupted only by school, chores, and the late evening summons to the dinner table. I spent the time in between exploring all that I could within earshot of my Dad’s voice. I was a boy living along the river shore of Caddo Lake—which provided just about all I could ever want: water, woods, and a little work.

All I really cared about was if the water was warm enough to swim in or cold enough to walk on. If neither was an option, then I tossed rocks into it. As six came and went and a few summers went by, I went from tossing rocks to tossing a life jacket into a canoe. Untold hours I have spent paddling toward a more intimate discovery of her beauty and grandeur.

Now my hours are spent operating our facilities and seeing to our guests’ amenities, a joyful chore to be sure. Our deepest desire is to share our Caddo Lake RV Park with our guests.

The lake is a sight to behold; her beauty is truly sublime. Yet I find myself more enamored with the spectacle of our guests’ new found love of her: to witness the initial ripples of awareness never fails to comfort and inspire me. This is a gift I hope you will allow us to share with you and your loved ones. When you come to visit us, I think you will find us to be a laid-back, family-oriented atmosphere designed to let you ease into a slow contemplation of our gorgeous surroundings.

Life comes at you fast…sometimes you’ve got to slow down and enjoy the view—and we’ve got the view!