There’s no need to park your RV outside of the nearest superstore when you can have five-star treatment at Backwater Jacks Caddo Lake RV Park.  Instead of staring at a concrete parking lot, feel the cool wind rustling through your hair as you soak in positive ripples from Caddo Lake.

(No Smoking, No Parties)

Located on the 26,000 acres of Caddo Lake,
Backwater Jacks offers more than just parking for your RV.

We offer FULL amenities, including fully furnished cabins,
a boat ramp for waterfront adventures!


Here are just a few of the fantastic amenities that make us the best RV camping site on Caddo Lake:

Laundry: Long road trips can leave you feeling like you haven’t had a clean outfit to wear in weeks. Just pop a load into a washer and dryer in our laundry room and your clothes will be fresh in no time.

Bathhouse: Our bathhouse is kept clean during all hours of the day. It’s large enough to accommodate multiple visitors at once.

Private Boat Ramp: Available ONLY for guests of BackWater Jacks.

(Pet Friendly in RV Park Only)


Caddo Lake sits a few short miles from both Texas and Louisiana, making a cross-state trip easy and accessible for adventurous travelers looking for unique activities.


 We offer an abundance of RV camping sites and amenities for campers staying in their vehicle. Waterfront accommodations for our adventurous travelers are available.


Enjoy a piece of the glorious 26,000 acres that make up Caddo Lake Camping. With so many activities to choose from, visitors can partake in whatever floats their boat!


Backwater Jacks offers a wide array of featured services to accommodate you and your family while you’re camping on Caddo Lake. Learn about how we started.