Look Beneath the Surface…
Adventures on Caddo Lake.

Some days call for an adventure! Here are a few of our favorite destinations
and activities near our cabin rentals and Caddo Lake RV park.


There’s nothing wrong with giving in to “pier pressure” during your camping trip and enjoying the Texas Paddle Program! The state of Texas provides well-mapped and accessible paddling trails that are available in a massive number of locations! There are 3 beautiful paddling trails within a short distance of the boat ramp at Backwater Jacks, and several more on other parts of Caddo Lake. Contact Riverbend Outfitters at 903.625.9100 for your kayak/canoe rental needs. No matter the day, the Texas Paddle Program is sure to make a splash!

Caddo Lake

You can have a grand adventure right here at Backwater Jacks by exploring the unique aquatic and bird life of Caddo Lake. Choose to spend a “reel” relaxing afternoon fishing on the bank of Big Cypress Bayou, or look out for wildlife such as Pileated Woodpeckers, herons, turtles, frogs and beavers.

Marshall, Texas


If you’re in the mood for beautiful scenery and small-town charm, Marshall, Texas is the perfect destination for you and your family. A mere 20 miles from our Caddo Lake cabins, the homey town of Marshall, Texas happily welcomes all eager visitors.
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Jefferson, Texas

The quaint city of Jefferson, Texas is known as the “Riverport to the Southwest.” Only eight miles from Caddo Lake’s Backwater Jacks, Jefferson provides visitors with great shopping, dining, historical exploring, and fun festivals.
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Shreveport, LA


Experience fine arts, dynamic city-life, Cajun cuisine, exciting festivals, and even riverboat gambling in the vibrant city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Your “wild side” is sure to surface during your visit to this colorful city, only a 40-minute drive from Caddo Lake. 
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Explore Caddo Lake


Investigate Texas’s only natural lake fed by 5 tremendous bayous; Big Cypress Bayou, Little Cypress Bayou, Black Cypress Bayou, and Jeems Bayou.

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Wonderland of Lights Festival


If you’re visiting us over the holidays this year, view Marshall’s holiday extravaganza. You can view hundreds of light displays and then end your evening ice-skating on their outdoor ice skating rink.
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